OCE515 : Marine Hydrodynamics

Stephan T. Grilli
Distinguished Professor
Department of Ocean Engineering
University of Rhode Island
Narragansett Bay Campus
Narragansett, RI 02882, USA

tel. : (401) 874-6636
fax. : (401) 874-6837
http ://www.oce.uri.edu/~grilli
email : grilli@oce.uri.edu

Synopsis :  

This course deals with Marine Hydrodynamics , i.e., fluid mechanics in the context of ocean sciences and engineering. Marine Hydrodynamics studies the motion of water in a marine/ocean environment, both in natural conditions (i.e., with free surface and bottom boundaries, shore, waves,...), and possibly containing man-made underwater or floating structures (i.e., ships, vessels, submarines, offshore structures, pipelines,...). The emphasis here, however, is on the fluid side.Natural boundaries or structures are considered as obstacles to or generators of fluid motion and hydrodynamic pressure is created and applied to the structures as a reaction to this motion.

Prerequisites :

(i) undergraduate Fluid Dynamics course (MCE354 or equivalent) or graduate fluid course (OCE510 or OCE514); and (ii) ocean wave course (OCE307, OCE514 or equivalent) or permission of instructor.

Required textbooks :

Kundu, P.K. (1990) Fluid Mechanics. Academic Press, Inc.

Newman, J.N. (1989) Marine Hydrodynamics. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.

Content :

The first part of the course deals with both the introduction of fundamental hydrodynamics topics. The second part then adresses specialized topics. Adjustments to this list of content may be made depending on student's backgrounds and interests.

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