University of RI
Center for Automation and Robotics Research 

Director:  Professor  Philip Datseris

A large 6,000 square-foot facility provides laboratory, office and computational space for projects related to robotics, automation and computer-aided machine design.   Research activities have included small parts assembly, system integration, real-time monitoring and control, expert systems, neural nets and software development for effective design of novel mechanical devices. 

Financial support of the Center has come from many companies, including:  Ford Motor Co., Foamex , Taco,  American Industrial Casting,  Huestis,  Michael Anthony,  Dama and Wiesner Corporations.

Assembly of Metallic Seals Foam Cutting Automated Chain Welding

Robotics Equipment:

IBM SCARA robots,  Unimation PUMA 560 robot,  GMF S-400 robot, a Motoman / Yaskawa pick and place robot, and a Motorola / Adept component pick & place robot.
Numerous end-effectors,  sensors,  and visual systems are also available.

Computer Systems:
SUN Sparc Workstations,  Dell and Gateway PCs

Additonal Information About the Center:

Industry Projects 

Project Descriptions and Video Clips:

EG&G Sealol Project
Mini Golf Project


Future Projects

1)  Air-Van